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Sharks of the World
This T-Shirt features seventeen of the most infamous sharks of the world. From the gigantic but peaceful
plankton eating Whale Shark to the smaller nurse shark and ferocious Great White Shark, this
man-eater of a shirt provides a colorful account of a point of fear and fascination for mankind since the
beginning of time. Printed on 100% cotton heavyweight T-Shirt with a small shark design on the front left
chest, this T-Shirt opens wide the jaws of opportunity in showing others your interest in this fearsome creatures.
Swim with the sharks and order today!

     96-011 Adult 100% Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt
                Adult Sizes S-3XL Colors Ash

    96-011Y Youth 1005 Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Sizes S-L Colors Ash

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